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The Spiral of Creation is a method that helps people create the life they want to live.


The Spiral is made up of nine circles as the diagram shows.  It includes in them all the knowledge we need to create and exercises we need to apply this knowledge.


























The circles contain significant knowledge for creating.  Each one includes all that man needs to grow, to expand, and to develop, which are all a part of his nature.  The circles also include in them the laws of the universe, which are the building blocks that creation is built upon.   The Law of Synthesis, for example, teaches us that high energy raises the vibrations of low energy, thereby transforms it into high energy.  For example, happiness can lighten up sadness, thereby lifting it up into high energy. 


To help us create in the physical world, The Spiral gives practical and easy-to- apply exercises that allow us to advance toward our target.  For example, obstacle removal.  Every time we dare to face our fears and make an inquiry as to their reality, we gradually remove obstacles, thereby clearing our path toward action.  Also, every time we focus on a good feeling that comes from a positive thought, such as when we compliment ourselves or when we focus on the cup half full instead of the cup half empty, we create a positive momentum that invites, through the Law of Attraction, a similar energy from the Universe, giving way to the materialization of what we want and dream of having or being. 


The Spiral teaches us the importance of the connection between the circles, which are interwoven.  For example, our thoughts create emotions and they together send us to take or avoid an action. Understanding this helps us to focus on our thoughts, which are the seeds of creation, and to direct them to our target—instead of staying with our emotions and going around in circles because we do not know what has brought us to where we are.  Understanding the connection between thoughts and emotions enhances the inner power in us, the power that helps us to create something that was in the beginning just a thought. 


When we start to create something meaningful and big in our life, sometimes we have just a portion of the abilities and resources we need to take an action.  This delays the materialization of what we want to create—without our understanding  of why we have not reached our target, without ever knowing what is missing and what we have done wrong.  Studying The Spiral of Creation helps us to discover the missing link, the weak link, and where it is good for us to focus to create what we want


The knowledge and the exercises that are in The Spiral teach us to look where we have not looked yet.  We learn to observe human nature and behavior as a source of guidance.  We learn the laws of the universe as a source of creation.  Once we have understood human nature and the laws of the universe—and learn to combine them—we can then completely apply them when creating.  For example, when we learn Time Cycle, we become aware of the fact that Internal Creation happens very fast and eliminates boundaries.   When we start our External Process, we find that the rhythm starts to slow down because of the difference between the vibrations of the inner and the physical worlds we live in. And this is when most people abandon what they have started to create, because they lose trust or become impatience. It’s a misunderstanding of Time Cycle.  Understanding the difference in vibrations between our two worlds lead us to continue our actions in both vibrations gradually and interactively, and finish what we have started to create. 


I developed The Spiral of Creation during my thirty years of work as a spiritual teacher.  I have taught the method around the world in a variety of ways:  through workshops, courses, groups, and one-on-one  sessions—with great success.


I am currently writing the book The Spiral of Creation.





Internal Creation

External Process

Time Cycle



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