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My Journey

The purpose of my work is to help people find happiness and self-fulfillment. 


I started my journey in my childhood. 


Physical and emotional difficulties, my own and those of others, led me to ask many questions and to look for solutions.  Why is life so difficult for me? I would ask.  Why do we suffer?  Is there a way to live a better life?  How can I create a better life?—is there a way to create it?  I wanted people to tell me, I was willing to listen; but there was hardly anyone to talk to—and whatever answers they gave me they were either unclear or contradictory.  And is there a God or some Higher Power? I would ask.  And if there is, how can I get in touch with Him and understand His intentions or directions? Why are we here? What do I need to do? 


But there was no answer—or at least that was what I thought.


In the beginning, these questions had to do mostly with how I felt and what I thought as a child as I watched my immediate surroundings, as I wondered about life.  They, however, grew in intensity and included people I met when I travelled the world:  the poor, hardworking people in the mountains of South America, the homeless on the sidewalks of rich New York City, the black people I met in South Africa at the time of apartheid, whose humiliation by the whites simply shocked me.


My search grew more and more, and finding insufficient answers, so did my frustration.


Then one day, while in New York City studying performing arts, I discovered The Seth Material books!  I was so happy.  I found them to be an amazing and practical knowledge that teaches us the nature of our reality.  It gave me not only its many answers but also the challenge to investigate how it is that we create our own reality—and then to apply what I had learned to my daily life.  And I would not leave any lesson until I had understood and practiced it on myself and felt change stirring inside me.   Learning the tenets of The Seth Material became my personal quest, and soon my life began to change.   


I continued to study with various teachers around the world.  In the U.S., from Debra West—how to create with intention and with the power that is within us; in Europe, from Master Dang, who taught physical and emotional healing—universal energy; and in Israel, where I met Byron Katie, from whom I learned to see our good reality instead of identifying with the stories that run in our head.  On the internet, I studied through the lectures of Abraham, a spiritual teacher who teaches the laws of creation—and from brain scientists and others in related fields.   I have likewise learned a lot from my students and clients.


The big changes in myself and the many experiences I had had led me to teach others in New York, London, Sweden, Portugal—and in Israel, where I have a growing community of students and clients, in whom, like those in other places, I see a change in awareness, improvement in relationships, and the responsibility they have taken for their actions, for their life:  they create their life with awareness—they are aware and they choose.


It does not matter whether they are art or business people or housewives; they are able to fulfill their dreams and become happier.  It is also a great pleasure for me to see my students become teachers themselves.


The essence of my work is to teach people how to create with power—and in practical ways--the life they choose to live: I lead them toward awareness -  by helping them ask questions, investigate the nature of reality—and dare make a shift in perception so as to get a better, a fuller view of life.


I teach them the laws of the universe - as a stable and permanent base on which all of our creations can lean or depend, in combination with an understanding of human nature and its needs.


I teach them the importance of thoughts - conscious and subconscious, which are the seeds of all creation: a repeating thought could turn into a belief, which could lead to a feeling, and then together develop into a behavior.  I, therefore, teach them to investigate their thoughts and direct them toward the intended targets.  Investigating our thoughts helps us to change what we have created right at its foundation, and then to choose new thoughts that direct us to our target quickly and easily.


I show them the reality as it is, instead of the stories they have in their heads.  The reality is better than any story we have in our head.


I give them practical tools that are easy to apply, so that they can change whatever reality  they have created should they decide it is not what they  really want—and instead materialize that which they really do.  Examples of these tools are:  how to remove obstacles that are in the way of their success, how to create positive momentum during the day, and how to focus on what they do want rather than what they do not—and much more.


Through the years I developed The Spiral of Creation, a methodical and practical technique that contains within it all the knowledge that we need to create in our inner and physical worlds.  It is taught in a way that is easy to grasp, and it is supported by simple and easy-to-apply exercises.


The Spiral of Creation method is presented through workshops, courses, groups and one-on-one  encounters around the world with great success.  I am also currently writing the book, The Spiral of Creation.


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