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Workshops and seminars for various groups, because we are in constant creation. 


ENTREPRENEURS - Those who work under pressure and take risks will learn how to direct and transform their pressure into power and to become masters of their own thinking.  Thoughts are the seeds of every creation.  When we know how to control our thoughts, we create easily, efficiently, and with great success.



CORPORATIONS - A company’s quality and growth are measured by its employees’ own.  The Spiral of Creation lets your team go through a process that will give its members inner growth that involves self-confidence, provide tools to develop teamwork and instill work ethics, and turn them into partners of the company in reaching its goals.



MUNICIPALITY AND COMMUNITY - The Spiral gives workshops that teach the members how to create with power.  They give tools that awaken the inner strength within them so they can make changes in their lives now. The workshops are geared toward building teamwork for departments and small teams      and promoting special days such as Women’s Day and the like.


COURSES - Weekly meetings that teach how to use The Spiral of Creation and how to create a better life in a methodical way.  The continuing study allows the participants to absorb the teaching that they receive and the changes that they experience during the course till in the end, the changes become new habits.  The members benefit from one another’s contributions.

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